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From: Muhammad Alshareef

RE: Time Traveller Online

I was attending a seminar where the instructor asked everyone to stand up and write down the top things that I wished for in my life. 

I wrote down your typical things: marriage, children, wealth, and business – things that you as a human aspire for as well.

Then he said to me, “Muhammad, write down – next to each dream – your excuse as to why you don’t already have this in your life.”

The ground trembled…

Beside every single dream, beside every hope and aspiration that I could ever have, almost with tears of old-repentant blood, I penned the following lie:
"I don't have enough time"
Listen, I’m going to be frank and honest with you and cut to the chase right here, right now. Whatever is missing in your life, I can guarantee you that you are making the painfully inaccurate excuse that you don’t have enough time.

Yes, I know you can argue with me all you want that, “No, Muhammad, I honestly do not have time. Look, let me prove it to you (why I don’t have the life that I want and how the excuse of time has always been a convenient story that I can tell people so that I can make myself feel good for the moment, but it’s like killing myself with a butter knife, I feel the pain intensifying with each and every year that passes, life passes, I pass … away. Please don’t accept my Belief Systems, i.e. BS, and advise me).” 
Ibn Umar narrates: 
One day I was with the Messenger of Allah (Sal Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam). He then turned to me, held my shoulders with both of his blessed hands, and said: “Be in this life like a stranger or a traveller.”

And whenever Ibn Umar narrated this to his students he would add: “If you reach the evening, do not await (to be alive) by dawn, And if you reach dawn, do not await (to be alive) by evening. Take advantage of your Health before you fall sick. And take advantage of your life, before you die.” – Bukhari
We are ALL EQUAL in time
Because time is the one thing on earth that all humans are equal in. From Presidents of countries, to paupers in the street, to you…we all share the same 24 hours, yet some have mastered it, and some use it as a wonderful one-size-fits-all excuse.

Which camp will you be in?
What you were NEVER taught
In school, they don’t teach you Time Travel Mastery. Believe me, learning to master your time is a lot simpler than most subjects you take in school. It’s just a matter of taking a simple course like this one and applying the skills.
You just NEED a SYSTEM.
The system you need is right here on this page. Use it, become a Time Travel Master, and then you can graduate to the other grandmother excuse of “I don’t have enough money.” (Which we take care of in another program, in sha Allah)
Program Reviews
Alhamdulillah Just finished the brain dump. The technique was very easy to use and it took the stress out of having all these things to do and I was able to organise them into manageable chunks. 

Nadir, Kuwait
I still remember where you said that we should plan our lives around Salaah. Sure enough, now not only that my life will be planned around salaah but on top of that I’ll be fasting too! Masha’Allah may Allah reward you for all the goodness that you’re bringing in people’s life like myself and increase you by tens and hundreds times more.

Sharukh, Chicago
My heartfelt dua goes out Sheikh Muhammad and his excellent team in putting this together – I can appreciate how much work goes into such programme

Mahboob, UK
Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside Time Traveller Online:
Specially recorded  videos for an online audience
Your own exclusive access to the Member Portal with permanent access to all videos & resources.
Brain Dump Technique
You have a whole bunch of time-related tasks, i.e. junk, which is constipated in your brain. In order to become a Time Travel Master, you’ve got to dump that on to paper and organize it. I’ll show you how, exactly and specifically.
Quick What-to-Do 6D System
You are bombarded with 50 thousand messages every day. You need a quick and easy system on how to disregard or accurately filter the more important from the less important. I’ll give that to you.
Paint a Vision
You have been programmed in the public schooling system to serve someone else’s dream. I’m going to travel with you to the world of what’s possible, so that you can clearly define your life’s personal vision. What exactly, specifically, does it look and feel like?
Define Your Time
You move, like a rocking horse, but you may not be getting anywhere. You and I are going to label the activities that you do, so that you can see for yourself whether what you are doing is ultimately going to lead you to distraction or fulfillment. Time Management? No, this is Life Management!
Aim Higher
You are never going to grow, NEVER, by doing what you can comfortably do. You MUST do something slightly ‘un’ comfortable. Your muscles will adjust, and you’ll get stronger. I will expertly push you to do that.
Cutting Edge Techniques
I'll be sharing cutting edge systems to help you project your life into the future. Whether it be the RPM activity, Spectacular 7 or the Weekly Planning System- you'll finally revolutionize the way you manage time in your life!
Access to Recorded Q&A Sessions
Q&A sessions access to keep you on track. Listen to time mastery questions and answers so you have the clarity and confidence you need to move forward with concrete, massive action.
Bonus #1 eBook
'Eradicate the Time Excuse in 7 Steps' A seven step process that you can implement straight away to bring back hours of 'dead-time' in your life!
Bonus #2
'How to Slay the Criticism Dragon' ~ 9 Tried & Proven Ways to Manage the Hurt of Being Critisized
Bonus #3
Brand new eBook: 'Seize The Moment ~ How to Ensure Everyday Brings You Closer To Allah's Paradise'
Bonus #4
Along with the newly revamped Time Traveller Online course, you'll also be getting lifetime access to the original videos from the 'Live your Dreams' weekend seminar!
DiscoverU Guarantee
If you find the program isn’t right for you at this time in your life, you have 14 days to let us know and you’ll get your money back in full.

I look forward to personally guide you to transform your management of time and send you off on the path to achieving all that you want in life.

With best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level!
 ~Muhammad Alshareef
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